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We specialise and provide services in all aspects of arboriculture (tree surgery/tree work); trees, hedges, shrubs, tree stumps, planting, maintaining, consultancy and a free quotation policy. Services offered range from full takedowns and felling, to light formative pruning and trimming to reductions and crown lifting.

We provide all aspects of tree care including:

  • Large & Dangerous tree removal - using mobile elevating work platform (cherry picker) and cranes.
  • Sectional Removal - Complete takedown of a tree using lowering equipment.
  • Tree Felling / Removal - complete takedown of a whole tree.
  • Crown Reduction - Shortening of all branches to produce a smaller tree canopy. The amount of reduction is usually specified by the local planning authority (LPA), this will also depend on the tree species.
  • Crown cleaning - Removal of dead, weak, crossing and rubbing branches to leave healthy growth and improve the look and structure of the tree canopy.
  • Crown Thinning - removal of smaller internal branches throughout the entire tree canopy to allow more light and passage of air through the tree canopy, the amount of thinning will depend on the tree species and maybe specified by the Local Planning Authority.
  • Crown Lifting - Removal of lower branches to provide clearance over property or highway. You have a legal obligation to make sure your trees are clear of footpaths and highways, which can be enforced by the Local Planning Authority if the trees present a hazard to the public.
  • Deadwood removal - As it says, removal of dead branches throughout the tree canopy to reduce the risk of damage or injury to property or persons. This work can be undertaken without permission from the Local Planning Authority but it is always a good idea to inform the Local Planning Authority of your intent to have this work carried out.
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) - If a tree is covered by a TPO, permission from the Local Planning Authority will have to be granted to undertake any work. We will deal with all planning related matters on our clients behalf, on acceptance of our quotation. The fine for undertaking work on protected trees without Local Planning Authority permission can be up to £20,000 per tree.
  • Conservation Areas - A different set of rules apply for conservation areas but generally if you wish to undertake work to trees or indeed large shrubs and the parts to be pruned or removed are over 100mm(3") in diameter then an application should be made to the Local Planning Authority. As above we will deal with the planning issues for our clients if required. Correct wording on the forms is very important in order for the process to proceed smoothly.

    With both TPO's and CA's there are exceptions such as dead, dying or dangerous trees for more information on these matters please contact us and we will be more than happy to explain in more detail. We will submit any application required upon the acceptance of our quotation, at no extra cost.
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform Hire (MEWP/Cherry picker hire with operator) - our Multiitel SMX 250 machine offers 25m working height and yet can pass through a 1m wide gap, non marking tracks & can easily negotiate most terrain.  Our operators are experienced and fully trained, ensuring that we are fully compliant with HSE guidelines. 

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Merritt Tree Specialists

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  • Tree Felling/Removal
  • Sectional Removal
  • Large & Dangerous Tree Removal
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Lifting
  • Deadwood Removal
  • Pollard
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
  • Conservation Areas