The History of Merritt Tree Specialists

Mark Merritt has lived in Winchester for over 40 years and has been involved in Arboriculture (tree surgery) since 1989 when he started work for various local companies. He soon realised there was a severe lack of properly trained and qualified tree workers in the Hampshire area.

Qualified Tree Surgeon in Hampshire

Most company owners had little or no understanding of proper tree care and were not qualified to undertake tree work of this kind. Mark travelled to the USA in 1991 and spent a few months working with an American company to see what different techniques and skills they used compared to UK companies. When he returned to the UK he decided to go to Merrist Wood College in Guildford, Surrey to study Arboriculture for three years.

Professional Study of Arboriculture

Mark gained a professional understanding of the Arboriculture industry and found out how he could use the knowledge to improve tree care in the Winchester area.

Mark left college in 1995 with a National Diploma in Arboriculture and a National Certificate in Horticulture / Arboriculture. He worked back in Winchester where he became frustrated at being unable to put his knowledge to good use whilst working for other local companies.

Merritt Tree Specialists Established in 1997

In early 1997 he was asked by a fellow college student to help set up his new Tree Surgery company in Stockholm, Sweden. After working there for a few months Mark returned to the UK to establish his own company MERRITT TREE SPECIALISTS and started putting his knowledge and experience into practice. It has been hard work to gain the excellent reputation MERRITT TREE SPECIALISTS now has but people have realised it is far better to employ a qualified professional rather than use cut price companies who use unqualified staff and have little or no knowledge of proper tree care.

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Merritt Tree Specialists Company History


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